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A Short History
Created by Marc Aupiais to full the gap
in African Catholic news stories for the
Scripturelink Search Engine: SACNS:
South African Catholic News Service:
once known just as South African
Catholic: aims to give a deeper more
researched perspective of stories,
rather than just deal with stories on the
face of it.

It has been called an Overly Fluffy
editor of the Southern African Catholic
Bishops' authorized weekly: the
Southern Cross, after it criticized the
Southern Cross for its support of legal
abortion and showed it up for other

SACBC Communications head, Chris
Townsend, called it sensationalist,
after it refused to shelve a story
showing a clear cover-up attempt by
Catholic umbrella aid organization,
Caritas Internationalis: this while the
service was suddenly monitored
internationally and from the Vatican in
a negative sense. The SACBC still
sends our service press releases.

SACNS now consists of many more
sites, including SACNS Quote Analysis:
which has become the basis for many
of the main site articles!
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Rights Strictly Reserved!
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